Reviews for "Niko Bellic Sculpture"

just if...

i would so laugh if one day u stepped on that by accident


The detail is incredible!
You're a legend, my friend.


this is like sale worthy! this is the coolest sculpture iv ever seen! and im not just sayin that. i really mean the best! and ur Pirana plant is otherworldly!
p.s. ur dog is awesome too

Tekno's opinion

Hell yeah!! what a great Niko!!
Great attention to details man, every piece of clothe looks awesome, and also very realistic his hair and skin marks. I also like the dirt marks you've put on his jersey...
What did you use to make his beard look so realistic? and his hair? and his fingers?
I hope sometime to get at least 70% as good as you are...

-Your fan, Tekno!-

Kalapusa responds:

Thanks! For this one, I wanted the main challenge to be not to let the small size deter me from the smallest possible details. So for most of the detailing I used a fresh X-acto knife and as soon as the itty bitty pointy tip broke off I'd replace the blade.

Doing the hands was quite a challenge - they're about the size of a penny. I made them a skeleton made out of needles and then applied clay and sculpted and smoothed them out for days.

As far as sculpting, I'd suggest to be endlessly patient - this one took even longer to make than the Piranha Plant!