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Reviews for "Niko Bellic Sculpture"


The detail is incredible!
You're a legend, my friend.


this is like sale worthy! this is the coolest sculpture iv ever seen! and im not just sayin that. i really mean the best! and ur Pirana plant is otherworldly!
p.s. ur dog is awesome too

Tekno's opinion

Hell yeah!! what a great Niko!!
Great attention to details man, every piece of clothe looks awesome, and also very realistic his hair and skin marks. I also like the dirt marks you've put on his jersey...
What did you use to make his beard look so realistic? and his hair? and his fingers?
I hope sometime to get at least 70% as good as you are...

-Your fan, Tekno!-

Kalapusa responds:

Thanks! For this one, I wanted the main challenge to be not to let the small size deter me from the smallest possible details. So for most of the detailing I used a fresh X-acto knife and as soon as the itty bitty pointy tip broke off I'd replace the blade.

Doing the hands was quite a challenge - they're about the size of a penny. I made them a skeleton made out of needles and then applied clay and sculpted and smoothed them out for days.

As far as sculpting, I'd suggest to be endlessly patient - this one took even longer to make than the Piranha Plant!

Holy shit that's amazing!

What expression on Niko's face! The glove! It's beautiful. I want one! For sure.

TBH, completely honest

I don't think I've even ever seen such a marvelous miniature sculpture. Nor do I think I have seen ANY sculpture where there was so much detail that you actually feel like the types of material in the clothes were being properly represented. Never seen anything like that...

Kalapusa responds:

Thank you! I tried to make sure I changed my approach depending on the fabric being worked on.