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Reviews for "Niko Bellic Sculpture"


sexy polish man!

i want him!!!

How come you get away with it and not me!?

This is a really nice work of art. But i have a photo of art and the portal still didn't let my art in so i had to just take them off cause of that. I just don't get it I took a picture of my painting on my window and i guess that dosent count. But a photo of a sculpture does?

wow O_O

that's friggin awesome work, only one problem I have with it. now that you've made this Rockstar's gonna hunt you down and have you make like a million of these for some GTA4 Hyper gold edition or something so they can add these figures of him and make more money. so I gotta say amazing job on the figure from a fellow artist's standpoint., but DAMN YOU from a hardcore collector's standpoint lol keep up the great work ^_^


For the last time Roman, I don't want to go fucking bowling!!

Purely Awesome

At First look i tought it would be real but then i saw it was a sculpture ^^