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Reviews for "Being One - Episode 3"

Awesome Series

i like the games but they dont really get better, especially this one, also sorta disapointing ending

where's part 4?

I guess it was a interesting game but where's part four?

It reminds me of the second transformers.

You said you were planning a game that would need 4 parts, because it was so big. But what the fail is this? You could have fit this in the second! it barely exists! The other games have been awesome so far- what is this? You've done so much better, but this... was just not enough. It lives off it's prequels. I know the fourth game is better... it has to be.


LOL i have played this game about 11 times and i have noo idea why i keep screaming when you see the alien pop up O_o So i can't imagine playing Amnesia :the dark decent during the day OR night. oh yeah great game!

Great Game! :D

But do you know how many times I shit myself? Go ahead take a guess LoL :D