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Reviews for "Being One - Episode 3"

This episode was more of finding out the story of the main character (indestructible, really?) and the experiment. I enjoyed reading the data pads and other info.

It was easy to set the pressure valves, but the last two were hard to spot.

I doubt that x-rays could show increasing activities inside one's brain. Try fMRI next time. :P

I think this game is an improvement on the previous two. It was more orientated towards puzzles than pixel hunts (as opposed to the previous game where the only challenge is the pixel hunt), but the puzzles could still have been more challenging. As with the previous 2 games, you get a score at the end which is just a number - achievements would have been more welcome.

The things you're introduced to, despite still being outlandish, are presented in a slightly more subtle way than a vampire in your face. I'm liking how the story is starting to unfold - and that is really the selling point to this series. It's very imaginative, and despite my criticism for the lack of subtlety in the previous game, it's also refreshing to see a game not shy about revealing its mysteries.

One final wish would have been more of the storyline to be revealed through the game in a way other than reading the text off a computer screen and the odd datapad, but if the alternative would have been to leave these things out entirely then this is of course better.

The first game could maybe be compared to the first Matrix film, if you think it was something that was completely different and got people excited about the sequel. Then when the 2nd came out, it had more explosions and was "bigger" (and had vampires) but that didn't make it a better film - as with the 2nd game. Thankfully though, the 3rd effort in this series is not like the utter disappointment of Matrix 3.

So all in all an improvement that makes the game and the series worthy of the author who has created other popular games. I'm glad the next game is just a click away, and I won't delay for long!

Just started this series yesterday after finding the first one during a browsing session. "Being One" is by far my favorite point and click series! I will say that this one is not as great as the first two. I rather enjoyed the tally counts for Datapads, specimen samples, etc., and those were not included here. However, we at least got some major story background, which completely made up for it. I can't wait to continue this series!!!!

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a good and a exiting game