Reviews for "Mario: Shell Trouble"

Great work

Very clean sprite editing and the flash was clever and funny as well. Plus the metal gear solid sound effect is always full of win. Haha. I enjoyed watching it though, and like I said, the animation was impressive, the sound flowed with it well, and overall it was just a good solid flash. Nice work.

- michelinman

Sunrie responds:

Excellent. I'm glad you enjoyed it. There was a lot of ripping and editing done in this, especially because those are "Super Star Saga" style sprites. I had to get rid of all the nasty light gray pixels.


that was pretty good bit random

Sunrie responds:

Thank you. Exactly what I was going for.

eh.... this is alright

I think this is rather over-rated if you ask me. I'm not really a fan of sprite movies. This was just okay... nothing very spectacular... nothing drawn or anything... just some sprites bouncin off the screen.

Sunrie responds:

Incorrect. Even when zoomed you will see that my sprites do not bounce around. Other sprite animators may have that issue, but not me.

I hardly think it's over rated with the score that it achieved. You're going to be slated against it, regardless, since you admit to not being a fan of sprite movies.

To each their own.

Made me laugh but sort of cliched.

I do admit that this is getting redundant, some of the scenes did give me a laugh, you should still make more movies, just try not to make things that every one else has allready sort of done, the sprite animation was good, by the way.

Sunrie responds:

Glad to give you a laugh.

...does anyone ever check to see if people have other submissions on Newgrounds? It's like when people tell Johnny Utah that he should "Make other movies because this one's good!!111!".

Next animation is the larger project I mentioned in my news posts. That one will be done when it's done </Blizzard answer on time>

not good but not bad......

ok it was funny.....but it should of been better! here's some tips you can use if you make a sequel/remake:

1.dont use falco punch!!!!use falco kick!
2.make it longer
3.make more people appear(and use common mario charecters!)
4.make the shells different (ice shell,red homing shell,blue explosive shell)

i hope these tips may help you! :]

Sunrie responds:

Should have been better? There's not much to improve upon here without going overboard.

1. Falcon Punch was used once quickly and can get a chuckle
2. Longer would have been a bit drawn out.
3. Wario, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and a Koopa Troopa appeared...there's really only Bowser and Peach left
4. That would be fine for a game, but this is a randomness animation based around just a green shell

They didn't, but thanks anyway. You should put those ideas to work and make one. You certainly have creative ideas.