Reviews for "Mario: Shell Trouble"

Certainly, autopilotoff is like me,

He wont take the time to learn flash and/or get the program.
that doesnt mean you project your ideas on someone elses animation.

I thought it was hilarious :]


That was amazing! very funny and masterfully done. I only wish it was longer...


My favorite takes were with Wario and Captain Falcon! SHOW ME YOUR MOVES! great great job, indeed!

Sunrie responds:

Haha, yeah, Wario just kind of comes out of nowhere. Captain Falcon you can kind of see coming because of the "FALCON!" before he punches.

Take 2 & 3 FTW!!!

awesome vid u made, but it would have been better if u put a couple of more takes into it, seeing as how the acutal takes were about 2-6 seconds long.

Sunrie responds:

I agree that it is short, but I didn't want to make too many. The ones I thought of doing seemed like they wouldn't fit in too well since they were longer (Mario kicking the shell into a pipe, it goes through a level to Bowser's castle and takes him out / Peach sitting around and notices the shell coming so she runs like mad to get away from it).

Every so often I make these "shorts", so who knows, maybe in the future there will be another. Right now my main focus is on finishing the script for Game Ranger 4 and animating SFvsDBZ

Cool, awesome

Very funy too! Awesome flash dude, And also you used Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story sprites, (Mario & Luigi)