Reviews for "Mario: Shell Trouble"


Guess what im saying about this..........HILARIOUSNESS!!!!

Sunrie responds:


Randomly Funny

From beginning to the end its so random and yet funny I enjoy it hope to see more of your work

Sunrie responds:

Don't forget to check out the Phoenix Wrong flashes for similar random comedy. The Game Ranger series has more storyline, but not less humor.

My next project won't be anything like this one. You can see more information in my news posts.

Couldn't stop laughing

i love the guest appearances!

Sunrie responds:

Yeah, it added to the randomness.

I had an idea where Princess Peach would be walking and Mario kicks the shell towards her, she notices, and then hauls ass screaming as she tries to get away.

Like I've said before, I could have made it longer, but it would almost feel like I was drawing it out.


I love it!!!!!

Sunrie responds:

Baba ba ba baaaa</McDonald's theme> I'm glad to hear it.

More than good enough for me !!!

I've seen numerous "Take one, Take two etc." flashes, thats why it got a nine.
Otherwise it was really good, it surpised me unlike most other video game parodies.
Hope this gets added to the mario collection! Good luck to you in your further submissions
~DJ Mannekin

Sunrie responds:

I certainly hope it gets added as well. Thank you for the kind words. My next animation is going to be the SF vs DBZ movie I'm working on.

No, it's nothing like this and is more like SFvsMK and Exiles, but with more "in your face" plot and story advancement.