Reviews for "Mario: Shell Trouble"

Even though...

It's been done many times and some say it's been played out done already etc. I still find them funny. I had a little chuckle going and then the Twhomp came outta nowhere and just OWNED Mario is when I started busting up.
That was the height of the sprite movie.
As some have said thus far, you do possess decent spriting skills, make a movie or something with that skill.

Sunrie responds:

I won't argue that the "use Mario and hurt him" premise isn't an old one. It was part of Holy Sprites 2, but after animating that first scene I decided it should be longer and it's own movie.

Yeah, that Thwomp part was pretty funny. I still think my favorite part is with Wario.

Again, please check "Related Submissions" on user pages and you'll see that I have other movies, especially the Game Ranger series. Game Ranger 4 is in development as is SFvsDBZ.

Made me laugh but sort of cliched.

I do admit that this is getting redundant, some of the scenes did give me a laugh, you should still make more movies, just try not to make things that every one else has allready sort of done, the sprite animation was good, by the way.

Sunrie responds:

Glad to give you a laugh.

...does anyone ever check to see if people have other submissions on Newgrounds? It's like when people tell Johnny Utah that he should "Make other movies because this one's good!!111!".

Next animation is the larger project I mentioned in my news posts. That one will be done when it's done </Blizzard answer on time>

not bad

but its remembers me on many other Random Marios here in Newgrounds.
Some sketches are nearly the same. (remembers on Marios Castle Calamtry or like that)

But your Sprite skills are really good, use the skills to do more with some new Ideas :)

Sunrie responds:

I'll have to go through and rewatch Castle Calamity to check on that.

I've been working with sprites for a while now, so thank you. Also, check my "Other Submissions" section. I do have other movies with "new ideas".


That's Great

Sunrie responds:



Not ANOTHER one of these "Mario does something and he or something else ends up dying - repeat in 19 different scenario" flashes...

Been done before. MANY times before. Nothing new, nothing interesting. Get an original premise.

Sunrie responds:

You knew what you were getting in to before you started watch, so why even bother writing a review or watching it then?

You only wasted your time, not mine. Also, going through and marking people who vote higher than you as "Useless" isn't the reason for that button. It isn't "Agree" and "Disagree". It's "Helpful" and "Unhelpful".