Reviews for "Mario: Shell Trouble"

great stuff!

this is funny as hell

Certainly, autopilotoff is like me,

He wont take the time to learn flash and/or get the program.
that doesnt mean you project your ideas on someone elses animation.

I thought it was hilarious :]

not good but not bad......

ok it was funny.....but it should of been better! here's some tips you can use if you make a sequel/remake:

1.dont use falco punch!!!!use falco kick!
2.make it longer
3.make more people appear(and use common mario charecters!)
4.make the shells different (ice shell,red homing shell,blue explosive shell)

i hope these tips may help you! :]

Sunrie responds:

Should have been better? There's not much to improve upon here without going overboard.

1. Falcon Punch was used once quickly and can get a chuckle
2. Longer would have been a bit drawn out.
3. Wario, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and a Koopa Troopa appeared...there's really only Bowser and Peach left
4. That would be fine for a game, but this is a randomness animation based around just a green shell

They didn't, but thanks anyway. You should put those ideas to work and make one. You certainly have creative ideas.



Sunrie responds:

Good good

Not bad

It wasn't original, crappy animation, but it is still FUNNY!

Current Score: 3.89 / 5.00 (- 0.0061)

Sunrie responds:

Crappy animation? Hardly.