Reviews for "Mario: Shell Trouble"


That was amazing! very funny and masterfully done. I only wish it was longer...

not that bad i was laughing from take 1 =P

only reason for 9 outa 10 is beacus it left me wanting more and you dont have any more D=

Sunrie responds:

Ah, that's too bad. If I ever do something like this again, I will make a longer one.

LOL nice work.

I rarely ever get tired of Mario skits like these. Yours was especially interesting as it centers around a common Mario technique. The animation was good, as well as the sound. This flash managed to make me laugh a little on some of the skits, and that sometimes never happens with me.

Overall, this was a nice little skit series.

Sunrie responds:

Thank you very much. This was a good review as well, thank you.

I friggen loved take 2

the rest was just ur average chuckle.

Sunrie responds:

Well, hit or mess I guess. I'm glad you at least loved take 2.

Preety goood...

It was good.i mean i got a nice chuckle out of it, and i couldn't help but notice the graphic stlye for mario and luigi or the sprites are from Mario and Luigi bower's inside story.

Sunrie responds:

Yeah, I wanted to use newer sprites instead of the more "common" ones.