Reviews for "Mario: Shell Trouble"

Short, Sweet, and Entertaining

The animation was smooth, skits were good, and as I said before short and sweet but also entertaining. Great job. If anything I'd say have more skits but that's just me bein nit picky and as you said before you intended it to be short so no prob.

Foul on toad

toad got kicked like a mother fkers and the koopa too

Loved it

This Mario parody had one great concept with it being about Mario kicking Koopa Shells in some of the most funniest ways that always gave you a quick laugh it just depended on what level of funny it was,overall though it was short it was hilarous and well worth the watch.



Good job!

This is good for something based off of Bigfoot Productions... It's ok though it's and original idea. I would also like to thank you for the advice with my future sprite movies! =)