Reviews for "Mario: Shell Trouble"

Nice movie. All I can say is that it's obvious what video-game it came from (Mario, Luigi for example) : Mario and Luigi: Bowser's inside story.

whenever i write a review i always have a detail to write about.
- to recieve a good score from me the flash has to not be abusing luigi
- must be appropriate
- regular things (bugs fixed?, file size, animation, etc.)
this flash is abusing luigi so i have to give it 1 star!

Sunrie responds:

Which proves you're just a worthless shit who thinks they're enlightened and/or intelligent. Truth is, you have the enlightenment and intelligence of a week old ham sandwhich.

Dude, that was totally epic! Reminds me of the Mario Castle Collab and Hammer Bro. Mario series. Quite good, and very funny. Good job, and make some more Mario movies as good as this!

Really Awesome Dude!

The skits were really funny!