Reviews for "Mario: Shell Trouble"

awesome dude

LOL i feel bad for him

Sunrie responds:

Haha, yeah, but with all the times Mario's been a huge dick to people, he kind of had it coming.

Wow! How did you do such good animation?

I just started flash animating so i'm experiencing how hard it is. How did you do so good in only 3 days? :D Great job man.

Sunrie responds:

I've learned a lot of shortcuts and different ways of doing things. Trust me, knowing how to do this didn't happen over night. I've been using Flash for many years now.

Good luck on all your endeavors.

Great work

Very clean sprite editing and the flash was clever and funny as well. Plus the metal gear solid sound effect is always full of win. Haha. I enjoyed watching it though, and like I said, the animation was impressive, the sound flowed with it well, and overall it was just a good solid flash. Nice work.

- michelinman

Sunrie responds:

Excellent. I'm glad you enjoyed it. There was a lot of ripping and editing done in this, especially because those are "Super Star Saga" style sprites. I had to get rid of all the nasty light gray pixels.