Reviews for "Mario: Shell Trouble"


This was better than i expected. It is funny which is important for this kind of flash cartoons. Oh, and congratulations on daily 4th place :)

Sunrie responds:

I'm always happy to surprise in a good way.

Thank you as well for helping to achieve that award.

i liked it

it was short, funny, and totally pointless... i liked it!

Sunrie responds:

Good! That's what I was going for.


What would make this movie better is a good plot!

Sunrie responds:

Too many fail trolls lately.


very funny made me laugh through the whole thing my fave part is when captain falcon punched mario

Sunrie responds:

I'm glad you laughed so often during the movie. I'm happy I could bring you the joy.

Not that good.

First of all i'm not going to freak out because this was a sprite movie lets just get that clear.

Really it's not that good for sprite standards basically all the jokes i've seen in other sprite movies which they took from tablet animated movies.

But still I'm not trying to discourage you to animate.

Sunrie responds:

Your bias against sprite animations is apparent.