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Reviews for "Cave of Wonders"

i gonna do my review:
The control's are good, Artwork is good, Luis and Bomtoons are friends...?
All the controls is good, the audio is so good too, it takes a lot of time them, is like if they are infinite.
I has play this game too, but not in Newgrounds, and in another site. (Don't remember the name)
But too there ever some things that is annoying:
1st that is annoying is the Glitch of the spikes, that when if you be in your local and don't move, there don't gonna be spikes to kill you.
This was my review
I Give To It 5 Stars

How the hell do you escape the spikes lol.

BoMToons responds:

You can use your spin attack to climb walls!

Very hard good game.

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ice,you has to escape the cave,there its another where you has to fall the cliff alot and the 1st its where you die by the luis trap,its pretty helpful,and i loved it