Reviews for "99 Bricks:Legend of Garry"

Poorly designed upgrades

By the time the upgrades became useful, they also became useless. For the last tower, you can't afford to discard any blocks. I still haven't beaten the last tower and I probably never will. My tower starts swaying at about the 300 marker and falls soon after.

It was ok...

Nice little way to kill a few minutes, but nothing too new from other stacking games. And it isn't an easter egg. You just put the names to tell the different saved games apart, but the game calls the character Garry no matter what.

slightly addictive til it pisses you off

Weight distribution is the reason why a solid tower will start to lean. That is what makes it more challenging. Also thought more could be done with the shoppe don't know what right now but idk maybe


Pretty good game besides the pointless swaying and messed up balance points of some of the bricks.

Why 7

Because the game is great at everything, except being a good game. Why, because is boring, it is indeed a great remake very innovative, has a great physics. Isn't frustrating, is challenging.
But is boring, plain simple.
Better luck next time