Reviews for "99 Bricks:Legend of Garry"


v nice twist on tetris good job.. and the game works fine,,
for last reviewer.. u shudnt give low score if u cant actually review the game properly.

Don't be fooled

When you read the majority of the other reviews, they're not far off in saying that this game is not unlike tetris. but don;t let it fool you into thinking "oh great. this is like tetris? lost interest" because it truly is physics based and is actually quite interesting. even if you didn;t like the original tetris, i really suggest you at least give this a chance.

Stop moaning!

this is a good game and you shouldnt be mean to him so well done :)


nice game

Illiterate Mage?

At one point, the wizard says something like, "By building a tower of light on the ruins of castle Brickonia, you can get rid of the evil dude forever" Evil DUDE!?? LOL!!

Anyway, great sequel to a great game! I like the new objective based gameplay. However, the game is still fairly unforgiving, as even a small mistake early on can ruin a tall tower. I suppose that's just being realistic.