Reviews for "99 Bricks:Legend of Garry"


It's so addictive! The art work is awesome too!

Great Game

I loved how instead of sticking to one gameplay, you crammed in some other ones to spice up the variety of it, instead of making it boring and repeditive. The gold system seemed good, too, giving the player an amount of gold equal to how well he played. Nicely done.

I like it

Sure its like tetris, but you added enough new content to be considered a game of its own. The physics are a great addition but some of the new bricks kinda piss me off, however, I think its only because I haven't adjusted to them yet.

Overall, good game.


A fantastic twist on the old Tetris, but the physics were wronky, among other things.

I agree with most posters: for no apparent reason, a perfectly constructed tower would start to move on its own, and eventually just topple over. I was able to counteract this by staggering the blocks a bit, but even that wasn't enough.

Further, I got frustrated at the 400 mark and eventually just mashed "Down" causing a cascade of bricks.. and although my tower was actively falling to pieces, I managed to hit the 400 mark, thus passing the level. Might want to fix that.


Awesome make more