Reviews for "99 Bricks:Legend of Garry"

just doesn't do it for me

i love anything tetris, but not this. the bricks not staying put adds a new challenge, but makes it hard for casual gamers or people who had trouble with normal tetris, like me. also the wizard in the corner gets a little annoying after a while. it was an interesting experience and could have been good if it was executed properly, which is sad, because this could have been a good game.

umm glitchy???

ok i go to start a new game, choose a save file slot, put my name in, press submit, but it doesnt go past the page whare you put yur name in

No good

Game would go past the first storyline intro then the screen would go black but the music would still play.. I'm sure just an uploading error.

the game doesnt work

i cant play it man, there is a glitch in the beginning, i cant click sumbit, and back...