Reviews for "99 Bricks:Legend of Garry"

Useless story....

It's only an already seen tetris with physics and bug...why there is an half measure between 2 columns? and why there isnt a replay button??

Er what?

Ok this is stupid you can build a solid stand and a solid tower but for some reason it'll just start to lean to one side even tho you have a solid tower how does that work? like if theres a space or something ok but a solid tower doesn't just lean to the side if that happened we wouldn't have skyscrapers.


I agree with MrWoodStock. For some odd reason, even if you build a stable tower it begins to lean at some point. What's up with this? If you have a tower with no gaps there is no reason for it to lean unless there's some kind of force pushing it. It's almost impossible to build a tower that's higher than 600ft.


this is not anything else than tetris with physics. i mean seriously, well i think its nice u worked on it but its not anything special


u made yet another tetris clone GJ!