Reviews for "99 Bricks:Legend of Garry"

not just a tetris clone

well done, but some points of the execution were a bit of a miss. for example, as you get up there, you begin to notice wind. wind that blows your tower back and forth should not be in this game simply because the blocks are so touchy. if its even the smallest bit off, it goes diagonally and even if you undo it, the damage to the other blocks remains and only makes it worse. if things fall, it should be because i didnt build it right, not because the tower is rocking like im trying to build on a boat, seriously, am i dropping marshmallows here? balsa wood? foam blocks? no. they are bricks and should behave as such.

also, there should be an option to disable the wizard, hes incredibly annoying


got boring fast, need to add something so people will want to play...

uhh......too much like tetris

if i didn't like tetris you would have got a 3 but I like tetris so I think its pretty good.

Tetris Reloaded

I like the game play and mechanics, however the aberrant character design limited my vote to a three..


The game 'worked' for me. At least as intended I believe.

But the physics simply aren't working the way they should. The wind should have about as much effect on the towers as they do a real life pyramid. If you leave one single square hole in this game, it will start to sway later, even if you laid a 4x1 brick on top of it to preserve structural integrity.