Reviews for "99 Bricks:Legend of Garry"

slightly addictive til it pisses you off

Weight distribution is the reason why a solid tower will start to lean. That is what makes it more challenging. Also thought more could be done with the shoppe don't know what right now but idk maybe


Pretty good game besides the pointless swaying and messed up balance points of some of the bricks.


I really liked the concept for this game. BUT!!! Ultimately it is very frustrating, even when I build the worlds most perfect tower eventually it starts to sway and nothing can be done to stop the swaying until the tower starts to split and fall. If weight distribution is the reason why this happens, then there needs to be less brick variety so a more stable tower can be constructed.
This could also be combated with brick density in the shoppe or something similar that would help prevent swaying. As of right now though, I can't get past lvl8 and the 600 mark.


got boring fast, need to add something so people will want to play...

uhh......too much like tetris

if i didn't like tetris you would have got a 3 but I like tetris so I think its pretty good.