Reviews for "99 Bricks:Legend of Garry"


srry but it sux its tetris and its to damn easy

Poorly designed upgrades

By the time the upgrades became useful, they also became useless. For the last tower, you can't afford to discard any blocks. I still haven't beaten the last tower and I probably never will. My tower starts swaying at about the 300 marker and falls soon after.

I like it

Sure its like tetris, but you added enough new content to be considered a game of its own. The physics are a great addition but some of the new bricks kinda piss me off, however, I think its only because I haven't adjusted to them yet.

Overall, good game.

not just a tetris clone

well done, but some points of the execution were a bit of a miss. for example, as you get up there, you begin to notice wind. wind that blows your tower back and forth should not be in this game simply because the blocks are so touchy. if its even the smallest bit off, it goes diagonally and even if you undo it, the damage to the other blocks remains and only makes it worse. if things fall, it should be because i didnt build it right, not because the tower is rocking like im trying to build on a boat, seriously, am i dropping marshmallows here? balsa wood? foam blocks? no. they are bricks and should behave as such.

also, there should be an option to disable the wizard, hes incredibly annoying

Good one, definitely not just another Tetris clone

The core game concept is cool enough on its own; for all Tetris fans out there,
this is going to be something refreshing, addicting, and challenging.
The physics engine is tuned pretty well, and the game becomes quite hard towards the end. A lot of thought has been put in this piece, there are numerous nice touches that contribute for a good gameplay for many hours.
Despite a few glitches and minor annoyances, this is one great game that I enjoyed very much! Keep up the good work!