Reviews for "99 Bricks:Legend of Garry"

Great game but

it doesn't seem to work at the moment. When I press continue I just get a blue screen. I can't start a new game eitehr

It was ok...

Nice little way to kill a few minutes, but nothing too new from other stacking games. And it isn't an easter egg. You just put the names to tell the different saved games apart, but the game calls the character Garry no matter what.

Er what?

Ok this is stupid you can build a solid stand and a solid tower but for some reason it'll just start to lean to one side even tho you have a solid tower how does that work? like if theres a space or something ok but a solid tower doesn't just lean to the side if that happened we wouldn't have skyscrapers.

Addicted ohnoes :)

I love when the tower reaches over 300 and starts to swirl like a mad man :D or that you can use blocks to hammer misplaces blocks better in position.
This is freaking genuis ;)


i personally didn't like it that much.

fun easter egg though, type your name as "yo" and it calls you "Garry".