Reviews for "99 Bricks:Legend of Garry"

At the

400 Mark, the levels don't work anymore it seems. Everything is a bit glitchy. It's a fun game, but it needs more work. I attempted the puzzle multiple times, and there is no where to place the straight pieces without going over fifty. As a tip, the wizard told me I could delete pieces, but I know that you can't on a puzzle level.

I was hooked, but it needs to be fixed.


this is just a more complex version of Tetris.

Illiterate Mage?

At one point, the wizard says something like, "By building a tower of light on the ruins of castle Brickonia, you can get rid of the evil dude forever" Evil DUDE!?? LOL!!

Anyway, great sequel to a great game! I like the new objective based gameplay. However, the game is still fairly unforgiving, as even a small mistake early on can ruin a tall tower. I suppose that's just being realistic.


A fantastic twist on the old Tetris, but the physics were wronky, among other things.

I agree with most posters: for no apparent reason, a perfectly constructed tower would start to move on its own, and eventually just topple over. I was able to counteract this by staggering the blocks a bit, but even that wasn't enough.

Further, I got frustrated at the 400 mark and eventually just mashed "Down" causing a cascade of bricks.. and although my tower was actively falling to pieces, I managed to hit the 400 mark, thus passing the level. Might want to fix that.


nice game