Reviews for "99 Bricks:Legend of Garry"


Awesome make more


The game 'worked' for me. At least as intended I believe.

But the physics simply aren't working the way they should. The wind should have about as much effect on the towers as they do a real life pyramid. If you leave one single square hole in this game, it will start to sway later, even if you laid a 4x1 brick on top of it to preserve structural integrity.


Pretty good game besides the pointless swaying and messed up balance points of some of the bricks.

the game doesnt work

i cant play it man, there is a glitch in the beginning, i cant click sumbit, and back...

Can't even try...

Is there a glitch at the Newgame> Slot1> Sumbit a name? Can't go back to the menu either.