Reviews for "99 Bricks:Legend of Garry"

One of the best

This is one of the best games I've ever seen on Newgrounds. The setup is fun, the puzzles are challenging, and the use of purchased advantages adds depth. At first I groaned because I thought this was a lame Tetris clone, but after just a few minutes I found out it is so much more than that. I was extraordinarily pleased and just a little bit too addicted to this game.

Simply wonderful

This may be my favorite game on all of Newgrounds! It's innovative, easy to learn, hard to master, excellent physics engine, beautiful animation, challenging (yet not impossible) puzzles, and downright fun! I don't know why people think that it's boring, I was at the edge of my seat whenever the tower started shifting. I suppose it's a little slow paced, perhaps you could have some challenges where the speed changes. But I love the puzzle aspect of this game and how sometimes you have to stop being strategic and just act fast.

Why 7

Because the game is great at everything, except being a good game. Why, because is boring, it is indeed a great remake very innovative, has a great physics. Isn't frustrating, is challenging.
But is boring, plain simple.
Better luck next time

Extremely underrated game

I don't get most of the complaints that I'm seeing - this game is excellent.

Long story short, incredibly innovate game with good challenge and learning curve.

There is no "wind" and it is possible to build steady towers. It's all about weaving the blocks over each other as much as possible so that a big chunk can't just topple off. If your tower starts to sway and you don't know why, zoom out to see what the problem area looked like. Chances are you tried stacking several pieces ontop of one another very narrowly without putting much weight on top.

I liked that you could go back and try to get the best possible gold amount for each level. I just finished getting 100% with the best score on each level. Tower 8 was incredibly challenging! I might suggest offering a little more blocks to give the player leeway so they don't have to use just the right amount of blocks at the very end to breach the necessary height.

at first I thought this was a decent Tetris knockoff... much more than that. i liked the variety of levels and the non-linear path. Excellent game, if you make a sequel don't try to fix what isn't broken! I wouldn't mind more of the same. Give some of these players that are complaining some more in-game tips to help out.


Its very good, but yea, it does get repetitive, and you need a "stability checker" because I can randomly place blocks and it can fall below the limit in one second so its too easy. Good concept.