Reviews for "99 Bricks:Legend of Garry"

Don't be fooled

When you read the majority of the other reviews, they're not far off in saying that this game is not unlike tetris. but don;t let it fool you into thinking "oh great. this is like tetris? lost interest" because it truly is physics based and is actually quite interesting. even if you didn;t like the original tetris, i really suggest you at least give this a chance.

Great game, but...

First of all, I loved the game. I really dislike the original tetris but the twists in this game (i.e. a story, upgrades, physics) really transformed things.

That said, it is very glitchy. After having beaten half the levels, the game no longer loads for me in either Firefox or IE. You can imagine how frustrating that is, especially considering the game's difficulty. Still, it's a quality game. Keep it up!


the music is really awesome, is it custom made by samekh records? or is there an album i can buy with it on there?

just doesn't do it for me

i love anything tetris, but not this. the bricks not staying put adds a new challenge, but makes it hard for casual gamers or people who had trouble with normal tetris, like me. also the wizard in the corner gets a little annoying after a while. it was an interesting experience and could have been good if it was executed properly, which is sad, because this could have been a good game.

Tetris with a twist

I like it! It's a really cool concept. The blocks not staying absolutely still once they land adds in a whole new level of play. Very addictive too. Great job.