Reviews for "99 Bricks:Legend of Garry"


its like tetris but its reved...

Useless story....

It's only an already seen tetris with physics and bug...why there is an half measure between 2 columns? and why there isnt a replay button??


u made yet another tetris clone GJ!


this is not anything else than tetris with physics. i mean seriously, well i think its nice u worked on it but its not anything special

Tetris reinvented

Overall, great game, I love the idea of reinventing the already great game of Tetris. Still, somethings need to be worked on, mainly, as the last review already stated, some glitches concerning the physics involved in the game, the main problem I had was that when you held the down key to make the pieces fall faster, the impact they made on the structure was greater. Now I don't know wether this was made on purpose or not, but it surely made some "cracks" appear on the building that made it very hard/impossible to finish the level.
I'm amazed by how inventive you were with the playing modes, the puzzle one was, in my opinion, the best one.
Great job overall!