Reviews for "99 Bricks:Legend of Garry"


Awesome,no one has really thought about makeing a tetris physics based game.It may have its faults,but a great game none the less,so stop shiting on the game because it's "TOO MUCH FUCKEN LIKE TETRIS" or "A cheap tetris knock-off"it's never been done (Atleast I think that)So if ya dont have anything nice to say,Shut the fuck up!

Y'know what, Newgrounds community?

This is a prime example of everything wrong with you.

You've given a game about pressing a jump button at certain intervals more praise than the Renaissance, but you've passed this gem over like another rock to be cast out- a reinventing of Tetris-building in a physics and stacker format that someone should've thought up ages ago. In fact, not only have you passed it over, half of the handful of reviews are negative. (All by reviewers which, I notice, couldn't capitalize for their life's blood.)

Give this game the credit it deserves, for God's sake. This might not be as immediately atmospherically wonderous as Canabalt, but I assuredly believe it's a thousand times more innovative, even with its faults.


but so hard

Stop moaning!

this is a good game and you shouldnt be mean to him so well done :)

Good game

Some very harsh reviews, this game isnt a tetris clone at all, same basic controls and shapes but thats the only tetris element, adding physics and the ability to upgrade is good, requires more skill then tetris atleast lol. good game mate.