Reviews for "PITCHMEN"


your sir, are a FUCKING GENIUS!!!!!!!


funny funny funny

fuckin funny

lol i would buy an oxiclean button with a blood smear on it rofl that was so funny i knew billy he was cool i miss him


Great concept! I couldn't stop laughing the first time I watched it; but on the second time I noticed a lot lol

One, and I guess the most important: You could have put more effort into melding the face into the scene. Big glaring white faces over a shady screen is a bit offsetting

The other problems were minimal, and really didn't take away from the video's epicness. Great job =D

Good but....

It was funny as hell and the additions to the background or the giant hammer made me laugh but.... the faces ruined it abit for me like the voices and what they said pretty funny but the faces over the normal ones just reduced the impact of it all.

But still funny.