Reviews for "PITCHMEN"

Too Soon?

Really not that bad in general, maybe a bit soon to be poking fun at his death, really he wasn't a bad guy. But in general pretty funny - gotta love the watchmen parody. A lot of people rip on this movie but it was one of my favorites this past year. I think that as far as what you were attempting to portray here it was fine. Again just personal opinion on making fun of billy may's death.


I haven't logged in in years, but I logged in just so I could vote on this! This is excellent work! Hilarious!


4/5 funny!


This made my day!

ah the slap chop guy

ok i like how u did the vid, all thoes cameos.. and the slap chop song at the end... priceless. your gonna love my nuts posters were funny too.. good job, i got my laff for the night