Reviews for "PITCHMEN"


billy mays was a good pitchman, he lives on forever in our hearts, and in the products we bought from him.

im cryed

LOL SLAPCHOP i cryed when i saw that

Awsome idea

Only probem... that girl voice actor...like wtf


whoever the female voice actor was tarrible in the nicest terms


nah just kiddin lol. anyways it was pretty good but i sugest doing more then 1 take on the voice acting or getting someone whos dedicated to doing so. oh and people like removeit are killing this site. seriously it was good but not worthy of a 10. really theres only like 20 submissions on this site worthy of that number. i miss the days when getting a 7 was awesome on here, now people vote 10 on things like theyre signing their name on a school paper. but yeah nice ideaand character choice but youd of gotten a 9 if you animated the whole thing in flash or something and did better voice acting. cause lets be honest mapping faces isnt crazy hard.