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Reviews for "Stamp on the Ground"


I haven't seen something with this much effort in a long time. I have to say I love your art style, it's very well done and it catches my eye. The song, I first didn't think I would like because it's not my type of stuff, but despite that idea I ended up listening to it over and over, it's just so catchy. Also I love the use of all the characters like the group from Metal Gear and the two from Megaman Legends, even Sportacus XD
I have to say it doesn't get much better than this, anything else you can make I'd be more than happy to watch.


Where can i downloade the song? Please tell me... Anyone

Seriously awesome

That was just spectacular to watch to in its full glory. I wish I knew more of the characters, but I enjoyed the ones I did know well (James' reaction t PH was short but sweet).

that was awesome

this has characters from so many games. Good job.


I was expecting something... amateurish and boring... what I received was a fandom mash-up with excellent and timed comedic appearance. I'm quite impressed. Your a very talented animator and I love your artistic styling of all the character (many of which I am ashamed to recognize... especially the two from inhuman the webcomic... I know now that I read too many internet comics. Shame...)

Keep up the good work and I'd love to see something else from you along these lines.

The fangirl in me also has to get giddy at the shonnen ai scenes as well.