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Reviews for "Stamp on the Ground"

i've always wondered

that kind of thing is always lingering in my head somewhere, it's nice to see it cause I now know it's kick's ass!

So catchy!

Now I wanna play some ddr! The dance moves were pretty fluid and it was great to see everyone bustin some moves, or at least trying to. I have to say, my favorite was watching Otacon rock it. No one'd believe it but the guy can move... when it comes to techno or remixed anime themes...Thanks Zarla!!!


Day of the Tentacle, Chrono Trigger, Samus, two characters from Slayers anime, 2 clowns from FFIX, Pikmin, Strago...I just don't know where to start naming them all. A few characters I couldn't figure out, but that doesn't diminish how great this was!

Brought back some good memories, Slayers on top of that list! Great flash!


Flupping great job, i loved this soooooo much!!!


I admire your art style. :3 had me hooked to your work ever since I saw Starcon2 Western Style.

In this I can see and know almost ever character in here from Mario, Chrono Cross and even Pokemon. And it seems you might possibly like yaoi. :P