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Reviews for "Stamp on the Ground"

Didn't know most of the characters, but...

...great animation just the same - the effort & time this took must've been phenomenal! Great work! :-)


awesome work, great job syncing animation to music. Also loved the sheer amount of characters, even if I didn't recognize most of them.


Great animation!!


Absolutely entertaining!

I love to see so MANY different characters form many franchises all together playing DDR. It's a simple but a well shown idea. The character interaction was also top notch such as the intimacy between The Boss and The Sorrow. The cast page at the end was very helpful as well. While watching I was like "Oh I know that character but who is it?!" and your cast page cleared that up immediately.

Overall an extremely cute and entertaining flash. Keep up the cool work. ^^

Very Cool

That must have taken alot of work. Love it.