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Reviews for "Stamp on the Ground"

can't believe it...

the first part with the son was strange then a ton of characters, epic music, and an all out well done job.

This was adorable!

x3 I love the family at the end :) Sunny hugs x3 <3

and...Raving furries are cute! :O


You've got about the same amount of fandom heroes that I have :) I love how poor lil old Yogi's eyes get when Damon walks up behind him! XD And Pyramid Head always looks good goofing off.


I've watched this video about 10 times and still going... o_o, it is amezing, and makes feel also kinda happy.

But may i ask that how many frames did u have in this whole thing? :o

Epic Win

Amazing and fluid animation, A CRAP TON OF FREAKIN CHARECTERS, epic music; nothin else to say.
I love how feddy's just like: Screw it. :)