Reviews for "Ragdoll Cannon:Level Pack"


i beat this game in about 1 minute...... how?.... i guessed the word "final" in the level key bar and figured out how to play in about 2 seconds then just making that snowball knock over the target and touching the rag doll. well yup i must be the best player so far lol.

Ipod version cop or the same game?

yh so did u make the ipod version of this or is this your own version


very nice game easy and challenging
I like shooting ragdoll men from that canon
A bit annoying were the buttons in the screen
You want to shot but you are concentrated in you click a button the ball falls and you have to hit reset.
very nice music classic concept
so close to less than 200 hits gold medal YAY


Yeah! awesome game!
I have gold medal with score of 247! :)

It wasn't too hard, but still very fun. ^^

lotta fun, very challenging

got 81........with a whole lot of resetting