Reviews for "Ragdoll Cannon:Level Pack"

nice! XD

i didnt know i was playing this for like 1 hour! XD its addictive XD

i won!

This game has a little bit hard levels but i won the game its password is final and level 25!


i got the lvl 16 (i think) write spok its hard

also needs more music


this level is hard the code is rolypoly

-Great Game-

The Concept Is Great-
The Gamplay is fun and Addicting-
And The Levels are Creative and Always Interesting-
~Overall I found this game fun and a great game to play, let alone the rest of the Ragdoll Series-

-Some Levels Are just Too Insanly Hard
-The Ragdoll Series are nothing new
~Well, I love the Ragdoll Series, but the creater really should introduce some new concepts. The same methed, level designs, and obstacles can get boring. Possibly powerups could help this game out-

~Overall Score= 8.5/10