Reviews for "A Tale Of Blue And Red"

Will you put my hands away ?

It's extremely cliché. You probably took the most used and re-used love clichés, replaced the humans factors with flowers, and created your movie religiously following the path traced by those clichés. That's not a joke, maybe you didn't even realize it yourself. Plus, the animation is made only with tweens. Even when the blue flower tries to unroot himself, you didn't bother to draw him in a perspective, you just shrank him.
The color schemes is not bad at all though. You are trying (or maybe you did, without willing to) touched the "sensible string" of most people here fond of lovey-dovey stories. But it's not original, at all. Sorry to say this that roughly.
Though, work went into this, and you deserve credits for that ! So I am giving a 5 which is not SO FUCKING bad. :D

spunky13 responds:

Hey bud, I tweened about one thing, the rest is all fbf. It give's it more of a bounce and more easing.

and whatever, I don't give a shit, I didn't make this animation for people like you.

good vid


love it <3

The plant looks a bit retarded xD

so cute

im a guy and i think this is cute lolz keep up the good work :3


keep up with it :)