Reviews for "A Tale Of Blue And Red"


This brought a tear to my eye, and I'm a guy that that has NEVER happened to.
10/10 5/5 favorited

I saw this on FA first

still good stuff man :D


This was sooooo sad but I'm glad that they still got to be together at the end, so it made it happy again... :)

Thanks Man!

Man, I swear to god that Im Yours is my favorite song,and when I saw this video,it made me feel good to know there is some real talent out there,dont pay attention to those faggots that critic this video badly,cause its perfect!,and I can understand why this took you 8 months,good job and keep it up!

Great Work

Favourited too. If you had done little blue and red pettled flowers around them at the end , that would of been funny. Loved it anyway and wasn't it worth the effort.