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Reviews for "Raider: Episode 2"

yeah ire member those times

old and hard games...there was no help on internet, you got to find it by your self of helped by friends, and sometimes we was just unable to complet a small game for years...good times...
oh and good pixel art also nice music nice to play it...it made me remember fo those times when kid .

i just wich it's phisichs were most like super mario world and such...i mean those games where kind of easer( still i took like 6 months to complet super marion by the first time xD)...but i belive you could make it that way ands still make the game hard and awesome!


very good game :D

um cosmo

holder911 cosmo from fairly odd parents

I agree. i think...

Yes, this is a tribute to nes or snes games, ones that where so insanely hard players these days would give up on them nigh on instantly, like those old spaceship ones, or contra, sure they're beatable, but you need your head about you thats for sure, objects flying all over the screen, good game though, takes me back to the hours i used to spend trying to beat the first few levels of the original gameboy version of super mario bros.

Reminds me of "cosmo"

google it!