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Reviews for "Raider: Episode 2"

Holy shit!

This one is far better than the first its not even funny. this one i havent yet beaten on intermediate but it was just challenging enough on beginner

*dies* *dies* *dies*

Someone's been playing too much I Wanna Be The Guy. I mean the game is insanely fun, but...GAH. :P

Great job, and your music is top-notch as usual. Once more you will plague my waking hours with this stuff stuck in my head.

unlisted tips:

Okay, to everone who lags: don't forget to NOT use internet explorer, second, you can right click on the game and change storage settings to unlimited in order to reduce lag. Hope this helps to all!!! This is a game with great musical elements, and no matter how difficult it is, I'm glad I have found pseudolonewolf's games, because I have found nothing a unique and retro as them. Keep up the great work!

Loved the first one. annoying problem on this one

I really liked the first game it had everything I loved about hard skillful platforming. and the same thing is here too, but there is so much lag for some reason. I have a good computer that can handle any other game but even with the quality turned down, the game freezes every couple of seconds and the action is very stuttery and not fun. on top of this I need to anticipate jumping timing as well as hope It doesn't freeze up before I have to jump and I jump too soon. I'm not suer why this is happening, but it is really making the game not fun for me


pretty kewl