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Reviews for "Raider: Episode 2"

Dude that's like totally awesome and epic!

No, seriously, it's a very good and professionally made game, with great graphics and old school graphics, not to mention the excellent music. Also it's fin to play for anybody that really likes the incredibly hard old school platformers, or is looking for a real challenge between all the easy flash games.

As great as it's predecessor

Well,seeing as this is the third review I write for the game,I'll be a bit brief.
As always,you have provided us with a great nostalgic game,providing an incredible challenge,and maintaining the simple aspect of the NES/SNES era.
The music is absolutely wonderful,the level design is beautiful(it reminds of Aztec temples and tropical forests),and the characters are well fleshed out.
The intro really show us what kind of persons Arkus and Echelle are,as well as Arkus' own comments about signs and the hilarious tutorial.
The achievement system is a great addition,and now that you're incorporated it into the entire series,is just add a lot of replay value.
All in all,good luck,it's a fierce world out there.Hopefully it'll get a warmer reception here.
5/5 and favorited.


the controls are very hard.good 8 bit. i'll give it a.......3/5