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Reviews for "Raider: Episode 2"

great game

wish I could review properly.

Ever since I upgraded to snow leopard my computer is shit. I couldnt play this game on my bran new computer -upgraded to snow leopard -without a lot of lag.

The lesson here: Dont upgrade to snow leopard.. i am pissed!

I played it on FGL pre-snow leopard and loved it. Great job friend

Great game!

I love the way you took ordinary objects and mad them into complex puzzles, I haven't beaten the game, yet! Personally, I think you should've included a few robots from the last game. (the planet IS the ship's owners') the music fits it perfectly, and the controls are simply suberb! CAn't wait 'til the next one comes out, but at least i've got something to do while i wait! Keep at it1

Oh gods of ancient lore, make it stop.

While I haven't finished this yet, I'm sure I will... eventually. I would leave a lengthy review on what I thought of the constant death traps and death trapy things, but honestly you've heard it all before. It obviously bothered me enough to make me want to stop playing, but I'll come back to it later with a possibly renewed sense of wanting to get my face kicked in... ness... Its not a big deal. While I know I used to love all the old "super hard" games, they get to the point where you feel like being punched in the face if you play for too long in one sitting... I'll give you a 7/10 for the games funitude + 1 for a fitting and entertaining music score that kept me playing when I would have otherwise quit. Oh and lest we forget, +1 for allowing custom control config, something every game needs to adopt.


I've been anticipating this for SOOOOO long man!!! Thanks for finally sharing!! This is everything I wanted and more!!! This series is by far one of the MOST authentic on the grounds. this pwns! Great work.

Difficult but a great platformer

You made a great sequel to the original here pseudo. Since I am a "instant gratification" gamer I quickly realized that the Raider series is not for me but I played enough to realize that Raider 2 improves upon the original.

Graphics: 9/10 Pixel graphics can only go so far but I enjoyed the level of detail in the game

Interactivity: 7/10 You jump, shoot, slash, and die a lot. I've seen more interactive games but this isn't meant to be interactive

Sounds: 10/10 You've outdone yourself with raiders music. I love your compositions even though I am a metal head. Blaster and sword sounds are quite nice as well

Controls: 9/10 Difficult to get used to but they work well. Most people who complain about the controls being difficult seem not to realize that they are customizable

New Stuff: 3/10 Sorry but not enough changes to the original are in here. I know it is a platformer but some added feature would have been quite nice

Overall: 9/10 It is a good series and you've put a lot of effort into this, especially since you are re-writing Beast Signer's engine and are close to finishing Mardek 3. I didn't give a 10 because I am not normally a fan of fiendishly difficult games such as this. However this game is a very nice one if people take the time to get used to the controls and the difficultly level. I cannot wait for Mardek 3 pseudo, it should be AWESOME