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Reviews for "Raider: Episode 2"


Pretty hard. Borderlines some of the stuff in IWBTG. Nice though.

controls need a lot of work

the controls make as much sense as a gorilla humping a whale on top of mt. everest during a sand storm

Pseudolonewolf responds:

I assume, of course, that you didn't actually TRY the controls for longer than a few seconds before dismissing them due to unfamiliarity...
They're actually designed to be as streamlined as possible rather than as 'familiar' as possible. They work well *if you take a few moments to get used to them*.


its like geomitry wars with upgrades. great concept keep it up

So cool !

AAaaahhh... old-fashioned games.... imortal ones. Reminds me the old days. Very addictive game. A bit hard, but it is worth it. Can't wait for the next episodes ! Maybe less stupid-ladder-jumping-with-spikes-ahe ad would be nice, cos it really is boring...

poor controls

eh not so impressive guys.