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Reviews for "Raider: Episode 2"

incredible game, well done.

First of all, despite the fact that this episode was incredibly difficult, it seemed a little more manageable than episode one, for which i am incredibly thankful. I'm not sure if you downgraded the difficulty on purpose, but either way, its a plus (more savepoints too, which is great). I love a difficult game (as this is), but there are limits.

Second of all, the relics seemed easier to get on this one. They weren't incredibly obvious, but the hints seemed to me to be more noticeable in this one than in the last, so well done there too.

The boss was really tough, but there was a pattern to him, and once you figured it out, it is possible to beat him.

I only have two suggestions for improvements. First of all, there was a minor bug, i'm not sure exactly when, but it's around one of the purple checkpoints (i think its the first one). It's just before you get the beast egg relic. I walked across a screen into the next one (on the path to get the beast egg), then decided i didn't want to risk it and went back... and the screen i jumped to wasn't the one i had come from.

Also, if you could add medals, that would be great.

Overall, can't wait for the next game, well done.

don't play this if you're depressed...

It'll push you over the edge. Hellish control scheme, sometimes the vines decide they don't want you climbing on them, and the presence of lava ensures that even if you get previous challenges down perfectly, you can still die in an instant. All this on the first level. This game is right down with that winged pig game on the list of games that will be played in hell. In terms of difficulty, the first level would have made a great final level, but not first level where you're just starting to get into the action.

Pseudolonewolf responds:

This is the SECOND level in a series that is DESIGNED to be challenging, which is most of the point... The first level was released separately.
Do you rate based on whether games succeed at being what they were meant to be, or whether they fail at being things they AREN'T meant to be?

i like the game concept

but it lags like hell

Pseudolonewolf responds:

Did you actually try to do as the in-your-face screen before the game tells you to get rid of lag, or did you just blindly skip it or something?


im gettin alot of buggss......!

Pseudolonewolf responds:

That is extremely unspecific and of no help to me... If you could mention specific bugs, I could fix them or give you the solution.

Great But...

The only thing that i dont like about this game so far is the stuiped shift jump on to the ladder...besides that great game!