Reviews for "Fig. 8"

good concept

i really like the look and the handling of this game. all it lacks is more options

pretty awesome

My only real problem with this game is that i wanted to mess around with the bike clear of obsticles and make patterns, but the pattern runs out which is dissapointing. I would also have liked perhaps a different mode... maybe a different vehicle, just more little fun things. theres also tiny little bugs where sometimes i go over the black line and sometimes dont touch it and crash. other then those small things its an ace dodgem game, fanastic graphics, smooth clean animation, good work.

for the guy below. dont give it a low score because u suck at it and u need to CIRCLE the save point not run into it

Hard for no reason

I like the animation in this game. I enjoy the black and white colors. I have no idea why this game was made so difficult. Perhaps a training course could of been added? Maybe an option of difficulty?

In addition, the save points can be frustrating. It seems like I have to hit them twice for them to actually save. I find this game to be very hard hard for no reason.

To be fair, I use my keyboard when playing flash games. I have no idea how this game would handle on a controller.

Very good, and mellow. Loved it

I severely enjoyed this game. Good job. But, I have one question, can you tell me the songs you used in this game. I liked it.
However I agree with the other users about the "R" problem.


i kinda wished t gave you a prompt "do you really want to restart" before it restarted. other than that good game