Reviews for "Rorschach's End"


That is totally how the movie should have ended!!!

Phobotech responds:

The Director's Cut.

loool omg!!

hahaha holy shit tht was frekin hilarious lool!!!

dont know why but it sure did hit the laughin spot haha

funny how the guy was really keeping in the fart until he pulled his finger haha

Phobotech responds:

He had been holding it in for a while. Why do you think Rorschach talked like that throughout the movie?


I wonder if Rorschach's fart made a gas pattern resembling that of his signature. Or suggesting it was a wet one, I wonder if it left his signature mark. Hmmmmmm. On that note, I also wonder if his undergarments are made of the same material as his mask. Mornings would be quite awkward, wouldn't you say?

Additionally, if Dr. Manhattan were to break wind, wouldn't that annihilate everything downwind in a nuclear Armageddon of flatulence? That is precisely why you don't see superbeings lighting their farts. It's deadly.

Ahhhhh! Right! The actual review! I found it to quite hilarious! The fact you could make a fart joke work so well is.... well... Pwnsome. The plot twist was like a ninja in the shadow of night came into my house and ambushed me with a ninja attack of blow-you-out-of-your-mind-awesomeness . I did not see nor anticipate the plot ninja's attack. It was just that good. Sorry about the length of the review. You can hate me for it. It's cool. I know I do.

Phobotech responds:

Nah, never hate yourself for writing short-novels of reviews...I do it all the time!

Just make sure you're staying on subject on the reviews...lol.

Basically what I got out of this three paragraph review was "I did a good job in making the fart joke come out of nowhere, as it was so unexpected, it was incredibly funny to you." So thanks!


Rule 34'd

Phobotech responds:


Ahhh, good old Rule 34

Nothing quite like it.

This actually made me laugh out loud. Thank you for taking a very intense and emotional scene and making it something... more. Something... better. Something... for the lulz.

Phobotech responds: