Reviews for "Rorschach's End"

Not cool dude

u just had to ruin a good thing

Phobotech responds:

Don't hate our creative expression; if anything we totally improved it! :D


Words fail me in describing this...

All I can say is, good until they were about to make out... (shudders)

Phobotech responds:

Picture it. PICTURE IT.

Out of the blue

You have captured Rorschach's agony and sorrow so well in the start. But in the end... I lol'd.

Phobotech responds:

Then it's all worth it! Thanks!


there wasent mutch rule 34 over that movie...

Phobotech responds:

Like I had said to somebody before you...porn is a pretty broad subject. Even if I didn't show much of it, it's implied what happened. What, are you disappointed you didn't get to see Manhattan and Rorschach make bang?

Rule 34 is Rule 34. Gay porn isn't my forte, so you didn't see it. :D


E for Effort. that was supposed to be a sad part in the movie, and now it has been tarnished. i still lold though. so what? im a terrible person.

Phobotech responds:

Tarnished...or made sexy?